4 great light options for your yard and driveway

4 great light options for your yard and driveway

Ready to upgrade the exterior lighting on your home? Here are a few different outdoor lighting options for you to consider. Even though your outdoor space needs lighting, you don't have to do the same as your neighbors. Preventing mishaps in the dark can be as functional as it is pleasing. Today, we'll take a look at a few uncommon options below.

1. Lighted Fence Posts

First up, is something for those that are up for a bigger project. A fence with lighted posts can line a driveway or yard extract its beauty. When placed along a driveway, it also adds a solid delineation between your driveway and yard. Thus, eliminating the possibility of tires marking up your landscape.

A fence with lights on top of the posts.


2. Recessed Uplights

Not looking for protruding lights coming up from the ground? Recessed uplights are an excellent alternative for driveway or path lighting! Bright, outdoor LED Lights get nestled in the earth and outline a path and create a well-lit structure. This style is perfect for those seeking a look that is sleek, modern, and minimal.

A row of recessed uplights along the edge of a patio.

3. Solar Rock Lights

If keeping your landscaping close to its natural look, solar rock lights may be the solution! Despite looking like rocks, they're embedded with LEDs, so they're bright at night. They're subtle during the day and functional at night.
A Solar Rock Light sitting on top of another rock.

4. In-Ground Rope Lighting

You may think of rope lighting as something you see in a move theater. Yet, it is growing in popularity as an alternative pathway solution. Rope lights are able to create an illuminated trail with eye-catching lighting options. If you enjoy your outdoor space after dark, you may place them on the railings of your deck to prevent mishaps.
A picture showing a rope light illuminating the edge of a yard. 

Bonus Idea - Smart Lighting Integrations

Not only are the proper lighting solutions a great way to add appeal and security to your home. Outdoor lighting offers the ability to add some smart to your home as well. Alarm.com's app allows you to control outdoor lighting with plug-and-play hardware!
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