Smart Arming - A smarter way to arm your system

Smart Arming - A smarter way to arm your system

Does your family have a regular nighttime routine? Smart Arming is perfect for you! You can now set your panel to arm each night at bedtime. Then auto-disarm when sensors detect activity after a set time in the morning.
The new Smart Arming feature from, sets your system Arm Stay when you go to bed and Disarms it when you wake up. Smart arming will activate at a set time or when sensors detect activity. Smart Arming ensures your system is secure every night while preventing false alarms.
You may be wondering, how this differs from Arming Schedules. designed Smart Arming to meet the needs of our residential customers. Smart Arming focuses on a clear, simple user experience. Arming Schedules are currently designed with more customization options to meet business needs.
This new feature is already included in residential interactive service packages. Meaning, you won't need to pay extra to take advantage of Smart Arming!
Some system considerations to be aware of while utilizing this new feature.
  • Smart Arming will not activate if a system is in Arm Away.
  • Smart Arming is only available for security systems with one partition.
  • Sensor-based Arm Stay uses contact and motion sensors to detect activity. You select which sensors to include during setup.
  • Sensor-based Disarm only uses motion sensors. This way, someone breaking in can not disarm the panel.
Configuring Smart Arming is simple. In a few steps, you'll be securing your home like never before.
  • 1. Log into your app.

  • 2. Tap Security System.

  • 3. Tap Smart Arming.

    • Tap Wake Up to enable the disarm feature.


    • Tap Goodnight to enable the arm stay feature.

Smart Arming now provides you the convenience of auto-arming and disarming! This feature is already active in your plan, and can be setup in a few quick taps from the app. So what are you waiting for? Start utilizing Smart Arming to simplify your life today!
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