Who Is Evans Tech?

Who Is Evans Tech?

Evans Tech LLC provides curated automation and security system solutions to residential and commercial properties through multiple partnerships with companies like Alarm.com, Verkada, Rhombus, Vicon, and Brilliant Systems. True to their motto, "Helping people just like you, protect what matters most to them", the team at Evans Tech is committed to providing top-notch service and excellent customer care.

The company was founded in early 2020, at the height of COVID-19 stay-at-home-orders, when owner and founder Mitch Evans was forced to withdraw from his full-time job due to the pandemic. Evans says he found the desire to enter the security industry after a personal poor experience with a larger security company in search of security for his own home.

Once Evans had secured the partnership with Alarm.com as an authorized partner, he worked to earn his Alarm.com Certified Technician certification. Evans actively works with Alarm.com to continue to receive further training & education through Alarm.coms' online and on-site training programs. He is also active in several training and educational certification programs offered by other partners, including Verkada and Rhombus.

Evans Tech was founded to provide a local hometown friend in the security industry to the citizens in the Kansas City, Mo. metropolitan area. “We aren’t aiming to be categorized with the enormous national players in this space, we want to provide customers the same hardware, features, and services they have to offer while maintaining the local hometown feel missing from the industry”, Evans says.

Evans Tech prides itself on two key factors that they believe stand out from those national players. The first being their ability to curate a system to fit every home or business' security needs. For example, each security system designed begins with nothing except a security panel of the customers choosing. They then work directly with said customer to add sensors and automation products that match their specific needs or desires, rather than selling pre-configured packages. The second is that customers are never required to sign long-term contracts that lock them into a service they aren’t happy with. Instead, Evans Tech provides unmatchable customer service to every customer by implementing true two-way communication. They do not wait for customers to reach out, they actively reach out to current customers to ensure that they enjoy all that their system has to offer.

The company also works directly with the local alarm monitoring station, Central Station, to bring the home and business security solutions full circle. Evans says, “By partnering with this local alarm monitoring station, we can provide our customers an affordable 24/7 alarm monitoring station that directly ties into our systems while keeping that income truly local. Our customers' monthly monitoring fees help the economy in the area we all live in, not across the nation, that’s important to me.”

To contact Mitch and his team at Evans Tech, and to determine if their services are a good fit for you and your family or business, call (816) 425-5790 or email them at hello@et-kc.com. You can also find them on social media @evanstechllc.

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