About Us

Hello, We're Evans Tech

And we’re here to help you protect what matters most in your life.

Our Core Principles

Our logo includes 4 colors and each color represents a solid core principle we use every day within our company.

Strive on local

We live, work, and play in the KC area and wouldn’t have it any other way, we love this city.

area involvement

We’re aware of the need to be involved in the community we serve, beyond our own four walls.

belief in the product

The products we sell are the real face of our business. If our products don’t perform, we can’t.

constantly innovating

In our field, technology is constantly changing and we must adapt to provide satisfaction to our customers.

The Evans Tech & Alarm.com Partnership

In late 2020, Evans Tech became an authorized partner with the software engineering company, Alarm.com. This partnership took us well beyond simply a security camera company and brought us into a complete security and smart home service company with access to many great resources that we had lacked in the beginning.

While this incredible partnership allows us to provide many great services to our customers, we continue to provide our original package of security camera systems, under our private label, stand-alone systems. Alarm.com simply allows us to provide a larger array of services to our community.

Meet The Owner

Founder & Owner

Mitch Evans

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” 
— Richard Branson