Irrigation Control

Gain control over your water consumption.

Intergates with the best

Our irrigation control system integrates with the best brands in the irrigation industry.

Ensuring your able to take your industry leading solution one step further.

Stay in the know

From the palm of your hand, know instantly the current status of your irrigation controller, whether it is currently in use or when it was last in use.

Also display if your controller is in a Rain Delay or Standby mode instantly, anywhere in the world.

Ready to get started?

Every system we sell is curated to match your specific protection needs.

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Fingertip Control

Simply control your entire system right from the app anywhere in the world regardless of time of day.

-- Set Rachio to Standby or Rain Delay mode.

-- Start watering an individual zone, all zones, or run a schedule.

-- View the last time each zone was watered.

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