Health & Wellness

Allowing your loved ones to maintain independence.

Know they're safe

Is Mom up and about? Did Dad leave the house today? Our Wellness solutions give you an easy way to know.

Unlike a traditional panic pendant, Wellness uses non-intrusive sensors installed throughout the home to let you know when important activity is, or isn’t, happening.

Stay aware

Contact and motion sensors on doors and cabinets tell you whether everything is well, or if you need to check in.

Intervene Early

Our always-on technology learns daily activity patterns and alerts to changes that could indicate a problem.

Make home safer

Enhance your loved one’s safety with state-of-the-art security,automatic lights and more.

A smart home is a safe home.

Keep your loved one safe, and make their life easier, with a home that responds to their needs.

Smart lights make bathrooms and hallways safer. Smart locks can alert you if an exterior door isn’t secured at night. Too hot or too cold?Open your app and adjust your loved one’s thermostat remotely.

Detect wellbeing issues

Many wellbeing issues are hard to detect initially. Wellness can help you spot them by alerting you to unusual activity or subtle changes in routine, giving you more time to intervene.

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Every system we sell is curated to match your specific protection needs.

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